School Camp (2): Shopping list

Notification letters were given to the parents on information about the school camp.

In it also included a “shopping list”.  The school has engaged a vendor who will come to school and sell the products that parents may want to buy for the camp.   This is helpful for parents who have no idea where to get the camping stuff from. Or, parents who may be working shift work, outstation etc.

With the purchase list, you can “shop” happily without much stressed!  I also gave Bran the responsibility to check on all his purchased items.  Making sure that it is not damaged at any part, no torn at any part, zip(s) is working on any item that comes with a zip.

If the item is spoil and knowing it upon using during the school camp, then it is just too bad.  A good learning point too, he may take extra note during checking while buying new stuff.

Items bought through vendor that was allowed to come into school.

  1. Sleeping bag (compulsory)
  2. Shoes Bag
  3. Ponchos (because it say it is reusable)
  4. Carribena (so that he can hooked the shoe bag to his bag)

Total cost: $25.30

Of course, if you does not want to buy from the school vendor, or there is no vendor arranged by the school at all, you can also shop at Decathlon

At Decathlon, they have products for camping, sports and skiing. Available for kids, women and men. There is a newly opened megastore at Joo Koon for you to shop until you dropped.  You can shop shop at their two other branches located at City Square and Bedok.  You can also sit at home and shop online where they provide free delivery as long as you hit the minimum purchase of $60.00.


Mrs Kerk

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