School Camp (3): Packing -“Compartmentalized”

Here comes packing for the “One night away home adventure”!

By packing items by differentiating into categories, Bran will be able to retrieve what’s needed and what’s not, unpacking and packing back within a short time given, without making items messed up and loose items in the end.  Hopefully. 

During the weekend 2 weeks ago, I have done packing for medications.  Small items yet important stuff.


Over the last weekend, we completed packing for the camp.  Now, Bran just need to countdown the remaining days for his camp.

Bathing Accessories


  • Drawstring Bag
  • Wet bag
  • S hooks
  • Hanger

Bathing Accessories – Drawstring Bag

Bathing items to pack in the drawstring bag.

Bathing Accessories – Hanger and Hooks 

Other then the usual shampoo and body form, I also prepared S hooks and a hanger for Bran.  I do not know how tall is the toilet door, if there is any door hook behind the door. The hooks and Hanger are for just in case.

The longer S hook will help Bran a bit as he may not be that tall enough to hang his items on the door.   The shorter S hook will be use to hang the hanger with towel.

Bathing Accessories – packing of clothes

Labeled the plastic bags so that Bran can pack at ease.

This also help him to learn how to be organised. Hopefully.



Bathing Accessories – Shampoo, Body Foam, Sun protection lotion


This 3 bottles were from his swimming pack, only pack additional hand sanitizer into the pack.

All right, we are done packing for bathing session.

Now, for the remaining items:

  • Utensils: cup, Plate, fork, spoon (Packed in Zip locked to keep dust)


Packing completed! What a task!



Mrs Kerk

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